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"Love is so short, forgetting so long." ~ Pablo Neruda

Hey, hey, hip cats, swinging chicks, and general hippies! I'm amor_remanet and this is where I play icon-dump. Check it out, friend, use said icons - the world is your conceptual oyster; eat it raw. :D

Commenting: Comment at your own discretion, but I really like hearing opinions and it'd be great if you let me know that you're snagging one. I can't make you, but I can play the Appeal to Emotion card.
Credit: Credit is nice, also not mandatory, but it's one of those things for "propreity's sake." You don't pretend you wrote a Metallica song and you don't pretend you made an icon someone else made. Credit to long_forgetting is preferred, but crediting amor_remanet is fine too.
Hotlinking: There will be none of that. If you hotlink, the goblins will come and take you away, and they won't be taking you to David Bowie.
Watching: ...Please? <3